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A Day at The Factory: ‘Open Your Mind’ by Danny Boyle

Review by Dan Johnson

In the heart of Manchester, The Factory stands not just as an architectural marvel but as a living emblem of transformative art. On a recent half-term excursion, with Claire by my side for Issabella’s birthday celebration, I was instantly ensnared by the venue’s immersive artistic milieu.

The foyer, adorned with surrealistic rabbit heads and reminiscent of Duracell bunnies, hinted at humanity’s manipulation, suggesting an eerie parallel between us and battery-operated beings—forever matched against each other, serving as the ultimate fuel source.

Inside this epitome of minimalist design, Danny Boyle’s ‘Open Your Mind’ takes centre stage, delivering an avant-garde experience befitting its surroundings.

Drawing on his Olympic calibre, Boyle orchestrates a multi-sensory feast. The pulsating rhythms from iconic bands like Leftfield, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, and New Order provide an audial backdrop that’s hard to forget, each beat echoing Boyle’s cinematic flair.

The Factory, with its juxtaposed elements and golden-hued seating, becomes the ideal theatre for Boyle’s narrative. The synergy of light, sound, and profound themes make ‘Open Your Mind’ more than just a show—it’s an odyssey.

On this profound experience, Dan Johnson shares, “The show emerges as an opera for millennials. It unveils a grim window into a dystopian future, spotlighting the insidious grasp of algorithms and data centres. These forces, ominously enough, shape the very content you’re currently reading.”

Both the venue and Boyle’s creation compel introspection on the engulfing might of art, narrative, and place. It isn’t just a spectacle but a transformative voyage—one that Boyle, in his signature style, has moulded to deeply resonate with its audience.

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