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Who Are You?

There’s something about summer that makes everyone breathe a sigh of relief. For

me, its gin and tonics, picnics in Lytham, coconut ice, and always, always vintage stalls. I love rummaging around the large leather suitcases filled with colourful soft silk scarfs. Flicking through rail after rail of one off vintage outfits, covered in gold thread, hand stitched in the 20’s.

I’m obsessed with anything gold or glitter, always have been, and always will. I’m in total awe of anyone who wears vintage, I

sometimes feel the clothes wear me, rather than the other way round ! I’m Alice, illustration graduate, barmaid, blogger for the Crafty Vintage Weekender, and lover of all things vintage.

I feel endless inspiration from “vintage” women. Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette Bardot, Artist J. Howard Millers creation of “we can do it”. These women, although partially fictional, I believe, have helped shape me as a person, inspired me to be strong, and always have my rose lipstick to hand - my war paint.

Another strong woman who showed me how to be brave and has inspired me, is my mother. From a young age, the first memories of her are ones of her with painted nails, lipstick on, and forever baking in the kitchen. - the perfect mother. She taught me how to dress, how to put on my makeup, and how to be myself - no matter what other people think. I think that being who you truly are is one of the most important things in life.

One of the things that helps me be who I am is clothes. They can be a costume, a suit of armour, or your favourite denim jacket, passed down through generations. Vintage clothes are often one of a kind, hand stitched, hand embroidered , beauties - I can NEVER have enough vintage clothes in my ever growing wardrobe.

All this chatting is making me hungry! Heres a vintage style recipe me and my mum made yesterday, I thought I'd share it with you, so you can make it and eat it with a lovely teacup of tea, thinking about which outfit to wear next! perfect. I use Lisa Faulkner’s recipe, (find it here: it works every single time, is quick, and tastes amazing! Though they never seem to last long in our house.

So, Who inspires you? What makes you the amazing person you are today? Do you have a favourite vintage outfit? Let me know for a chance to win two tickets to the Crafty Vintage Weekender, Lancaster Castle on 1st and 2nd of July, I have two tickets to give away and I want to give them to you!

Love, Alice x

Photography by Ashley Hardman

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