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About Cedar Farm 


Cedar Farm was established in the Summer of 1987 by the young local couple Peter and Julie Baillie. Peter was the resident pig farmer and Julie - whilst looking after their two daughters - had the idea that the redundant buildings surrounding the core of the farm could become retail spaces and a café. Julie met Sally O’Farrell who shared Julie’s interest in British craft and became another key person in the creation of The Gallery and Piggies Tea Room – the first two businesses on site.


Julie’s idea, in many way's was visionary - as since then many other rural centre's have been created to much the same end, to provide a creative, social and energetic hub for people who live in the countryside – and Peter’s practical abilities to transform lofty ideas into everyday reality are unfailingly impressive.


Over the last 30 years, the site has grown steadily and continuously, with The Shops, The Studios, The Pig Barn and The Design Shed each being built in turn as the time and needs of customers changed. The site is built on love with the surrounding environment, forward thinking and attention to visual detail always at its heart. Peter and Julie’s daughters, Rebecca and Katie - since ages 4 and 2 respectively! - continue to help and support in the running of Cedar Farm.




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​  Cedar Farm, Mawdesley, Lancashire, L40 3SY